This is a selection of the best demos on Youtube. With your contribution, this list will keep growing...

Roland D50 Demo by the great Katsunori UJIIE. Remember to turn CC on!

Kebu´s "Requiem for a dream" is an amazing track composed only with the Roland D50. Video includes comments with the patch name of all the sounds.

"Visit LA 1987" original composition using only a D50 by Retrosound.

synth guru "thesynthfreq" demoes some of her custom-made Roland D50 patches. Sadly, there´s no download link available :(

Very nice user-made patches by fischek. You cand download the from here>

Very nice factory patches demo by wocomostudio. Includes some interesting trivia facts.

Key contact cleaning/Velocity issue tutorial step by step by thesynthfreq.

Roland D50 Battery replacement tutorial.

Amazing Jarre's Overture recreation using one D50 and two D550.

Custom made Gary Numan patches. Some great sounds in here!

"Almost in tears" D50 demo by Woody Piano Shack. Very funny!

"Roland D50 gear chat by ADSR Music Production Tutorials.

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